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The Plumbing Contractor in Calgary, AB You Can Count on for New Installations

Have you decided that a plumbing system is necessary for your home? It can be a pretty big investment, so it would be ideal to do it right the first time around. So, consider hiring a plumbing contractor such as New School Plumbing and Heating. We specialize in plumbing work for our clients in Calgary, AB.


Plumbing Contractor in Calgary AB


The Need for a Plumbing System

It can be difficult to try to build a house with no plumbing system. It’s not going to be easy especially since you have to install it before you can even install the floors and the walls. Even if you do want a fully functioning house, you’re still going to need a plumbing system installed because there are a lot of fixtures and features that rely on plumbing for the installation or proper function. So, if you want a plumbing system, hire professionals like us to install it for you.

We Can Install a New Plumbing System for You!

Our new plumbing installation service follows a series of procedures to ensure that the new plumbing system will be installed correctly. First, we’ll prepare the area where the plumbing system will be installed. We’ll clear out the room so there won’t be any obstructions in the way. We’ll then proceed to installing the main plumbing system, making sure that all the piping is correctly connected to the main plumbing system. Not only that, but we’ll then install the individual plumbing fixtures such as the sink, the toilet, the bathtub, and whatever you need for the new plumbing system. If you want a plumbing system, you know who to call.

Want to ensure your plumbing system is in top shape? Trust New School Plumbing and Heating, the leading plumbing contractor in Calgary, AB. Call (587) 200-7280 to schedule an appointment today.

New School Plumbing and Heating is the plumbing contractor you can count on to install a new plumbing system. Do you want a new plumbing system to be installed in your house in Calgary, AB? There’s no need to hesitate. Give us a call at (587) 200-7280 today, so we can start right away!

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